Big Give Events

 Masks are required at all Giving Stations

The Giving Stations and Power Hours are:

Power Hours                                                             Giving Station Times

   First Central                         8am                             First Central Bank                   8am – 4pm      

   Horizon Bank                       9am                             Great Western Bank                9am – 5pm

   MNB Bank                         11am                             Hillcrest                                   10am – 2pm

   Hillcrest                              12pm                             Horizon Bank                          8:30am – 5pm

   Pinnacle Bank                       1pm                             McCook Christian Church       9:00am – 6pm 

   Great Western Bank             3pm                             MNB Bank                              8:30am – 4pm

   McCook Christian Church    5pm                             Pinnacle Bank                          8:30am – 4pm

   YMCA                                  7pm                             YMCA                                     7am – 8pm

The Internet Power Hour is at 12am

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