McCook Legion Baseball Boosters, Inc.

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McCook Legion Baseball Boosters, Inc.

This Year's Project: Financial Stability & Field Improvements

About Our Organization

McCook Legion Baseball Boosters, Inc. is responsible for the support, operation, and maintenance of the McCook American Legion Baseball program. We maintain programs for ballplayers from 7th grade through high school seniors. We maintain a board of directors with financial accountability to the Board and the program. Our program has supported from 70-80 players over the last several years. We provide equipment, lodging when necessary, coaching staff, and other operational costs (umpires, scorekeepers, etc) all while coordinating necessary capital improvements to the facility.

Current Project: Financial Stability & Field Improvements

Our success on the field and off has been a direct result of the support of this community.  We know you have many choices you can make during the 2020 Big Give drive and we truly appreciate your consideration.  

Thank you!
McCook Legion Baseball Boosters, Inc.


Financial Stability

With the uncertain nature of the upcoming season, our Board is focused on the core reason we exist, to serve the youth of McCook and facilitate American Legion baseball.  Our focus on fundraising in the upcoming season will be to ensure we operate to the benefit of our youth while maintaining the financial stability necessary in a not-for-profit organization.  That is where our current planning is different than in past years.

In the upcoming season MLBB will need to refine and refocus our efforts on financially supporting our operations.  We continue to accept donations to help offset the cost of our youth programs as we have in past years.  This ensures that we can keep our program affordable to the participating youth.  In the past season, we were unable to support sending our players door-to-door selling our Gold Cards which caused a decline of over 75% of our player-supported fundraising revenue. 


Field Improvements

Our goals in this area are simple, to have a quality, safe, and secure place for our ballplayers and the fans of baseball to enjoy a game.  In the coming year, we will continue to look for improvements that improve the facility from a safety viewpoint for both our players and our spectators.  One project that is on our list and needs to be funded outside of our normal operations is the long-term fix of some high-traffic areas around the dugouts and the on-deck circles.  We had plans for this field improvement during this past season when COVID caused a refocusing of our financial resources.  The areas around the dugouts have been temporarily improved with a field aggregate to alleviate this problem.  This is being discussed as a safety and maintenance project with the City of McCook.  Other projects we would like to work on include the continued improvement in fencing and netting to improve the spectators’ viewing experience as well as safety from foul balls.  Unfortunately, our capital improvement plan will be dictated by our success in fundraising efforts.

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McCook Legion Baseball Boosters, Inc.

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