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This Year's Project: New Playground

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We are a non profit Daycare located inside of Grandview Community Center in Stratton, Nebraska. We excitedly celebrated our 4rd year open in September 2022! We are incredibly fortunate to staff one full time primary provider/Director, two part time staff aides, we are challenged to find additional help from years past. 

We currently are serving families that live in and around the small towns that make up Hitchcock County and Rawlins County Kansas. In the past, we've also served families from Red Willow and Dundy County.  It's always great to see how far our services can reach!

We have a license limit of 12 and for much of the last year we have reached that capacity daily. That's a lot of littles, but so great to see in our little center. Little Village Daycare's Board of Directors, primary provider and staff are working diligently to provide parents in our area a safe, nurturing and trusted place for our children to attend.

It Takes A Village! Thanks for being a part of ours!



Current Project: New Playground

We have chosen this year to ask for help in redoing our play ground equipment and ground covering. We stuggle with a substantial amount of weeds and stickers which are not fun with little feet even when shoes are kept on.   Our current swing set has taken significant beating from the seasonal Nebraska winds and bolts are bent and the Plastic A frame legs are broke at connection joints. We have one other older climber set that is also wearing, it recently, like the swingset was a victim of the wind and should really be replaced soon. We have limited shade as the awning we had purchased also became a victim to the wind.  We struggle to make payroll with kiddo fees and its difficult to set much aside for playground upgrades.  We would like to update this equipment and add a more functional lower maintenance ground cover for the kiddo's to enjoy their outside time a little bit more and explore shade options so we can play outside longer during the year.  Any and all help we could generate would be an improvement, total cost we are trying to raise would be around $4,000 this would help purchase a low maintenance ground cover and up date the swing set and little tykes climber. The kids love being outside and is good for thier learning as well. 

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