The Salvation Army

Organization Profile


The Salvation Army well known for their benevolent work around the world, even reaches into the community of McCook.  The effort of the Salvation Army in McCook is directed by a group of local volunteers known as a Service Extension Unit.  The Salvation Army presence in McCook seeks to meet some of the needs that other agencies are not able to fund or at least fund completely. 


Project Description


The Salvation Army provides assistance in many areas including help associated with medical needs, assistance with housing expense, purchase of foods and products not available through our local pantry, and even something as simple as helping a worker to purchase specialized boots needed for a job.  The SA also provides funds to assist transients who pass through our community.  One other outreach of the Salvation Army is sponsoring an annual backpack and school supply give-away to help insure that children will have the necessities at the beginning of the school year